Street Department

To report a needed street repair, a street light out, or any other concern please contact the town clerk.

The Street Department only removes limbs/brush/vegetation from residences right of way twice a year. The spring clean-up is the first 2 weeks of April and the fall cleanup is the last 2 weeks of October. If you have vegetation debris, please place it by your street during this 2 week time period. It must be limbs, brush, and the like which can be picked up manually by one employee as we do not have heavy equipment to remove large pieces. Large pieces will be left for the resident to dispose of. We do not pick up bags of grass or leaves. This is the ONLY time of year this service is provided. No exceptions.

The Town of Hollywood DOES NOT provide trash pickup. DO NOT leave man-made materials, household trash, furniture, or any other debris by the road as it will not be picked up and can result in the owner receiving a citation for an ordinance violation. Removal of personal debris such as furniture or debris from remodeling is the responsibility of the owner.