Community Park

Hollywood Community Park
6759 CO RD 33
Hollywood, AL 35752

The community park was created through the hard work and volunteer hours of many past and present Hollywood residents. The park consists of a community center, covered pavilion, playground, and walking trail. The center and pavilion can be rented for birthday parties, baby showers, and other personal gatherings.


  2. NO SMOKING INSIDE THE BUILDING. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. Dispose of them properly.
  3. No loud music/sound effects or “entertainment” that would disturb the general public. No fireworks.
  4. Clean up your mess. Take the trash out to the large outside cans. Sweep/mop up any mess made by you or your guests. Cleaning supplies are provided.
  5. Turn off all lights, heat/air, running water before you leave and lock the front door only.
  6. Take down all streamers, decorations, balloons, etc. Before you leave.
  7. Do not leave food in the fridge or on the counters. Take it with you.
  8. Please place all tables/chairs/blinds back the way you found them.
  9. No motorized vehicles allowed inside the park or on the walking trail. (other than motorized wheelchairs)
  10. Report any damages to the town clerk.
  11. Questions… 256-259-4845

Please print, fill out, and bring the Rental Agreement to speed up the application process to rent the building in the park.