Building Permit Application Pre-Requisites:

  1. Complete all sections of permit applications applicable to your request.
  2. Provide plat of proposed structure. A plat of the land/lot including existing structures and the proposed structure must be included.
  3. Provide plans of the proposed structure. Commercial, public, and semi-public structures must be accompanied by two sets of plans with an architect seal. Pre-fabricated structures included.
  4. All town ordinances must be followed. Business privilege license must be purchased by contractors hired to complete the job of the proposed construction. A list of all contractors and sub-contractors hired is required (example: plumber, HVAC, and/or electrician); the town adheres to the southern standard building codes 1999.
  5. All plumbing work must be done by a certified master plumber. All HVAC work must be done by a HVAC board certified contractor. All electrical work must be done by a certified electrician. All must have a license to work with the town of Hollywood and show proof of certification.
  6. The cost of permit is based on square footage of proposed construction, cost of construction, number of bathrooms, plumbing fixtures, electrical amp, and HVAC cost. The permit cannot be granted without this information.
  7. If you have questions, call town hall at 256-259-4845. No construction is to begin without first obtaining a permit. Violators are subject to penalties including the permit fee being doubled as per the permit ordinance.
  8. Building Inspector: Curtis Davis – Call 256-259-4845 ext 221 to leave a message for the inspector to return your call if you have any questions prior to obtaining a permit.

Forms to Download and Print:

Building Permit – Ordinance & Fee Schedule
Building Permit Application
Electrical Permit Application
Plumbing Permit Application
Mechanical/HVAC Permit Application